Issue Month Year Description
1 Nov 1977 Allen touring organ; Robert Sherman interviewing Virgil on WQXR
2 March 1978 Cover photo: Handwritten welcome letter from Virgil; Christmas at Virgil’s house in Florida; Fox at the Fox (Atlanta); Trip to Japan
3 Aug 1978 Announcement about forthcoming return to Riverside Church; Contemporary Keyboard award; Letter from Virgil to Hugh Price (his early piano teacher) from France in the 1930’s (1st installment); TV appearances
4 Nov 1978 Letter to Hugh Price - cont.;More info on Riverside concert; Virgil’s trip to Europe
5 Feb 1979 Master Class announcement; New Year’s Eve in Palm Beach; Trip to East Germany; Virgil at age 13 in a group shot of his church choir with Hugh Price at the organ - 1st photo (centerfold)
6 May 1979 VF in Concert - Doris Mae Bellen; Virgil’s return to Riverside;
7 Aug 1979 Cover photo: Van Cliburn and VF with their mothers; discography - 1st attempt; VF Master Classes - Carolyn Ramsdal
8 Dec 1979 Inside photo: Franck’s monument; photo: Kitchen; photo: St. George’s Chapel Windsor
9 Mar 1980 Cover photo: 1930 flyer; Virgil Fox and the Price of Leadership - Mallory Bransford; New Year’s at Palm Beach
10 June 1980 photo: Bish and VF; photo: Purvis and VF; Christmas photo; photo: Waterloo (at organ from back)
11 Sep 1980 Cover photo: Garden Grove Spectacular; photo: Robert Sherman (WQXR) and VF;
12 Dec 1980 Cover photo: VF 1912-1980; A Service of Faith and Tears - Brennan Marilyn; A Tribute - Mike Stauch; And Gently Lead Me On - Bruce Tennant; photo: Coffin at Crystal Cathedral funeral.
13 Spring 1981 Cover photo: Hands at organ; A Tribute part 2 - Mike Stauch; photo: VF at piano with various people; photo: Bish and VF
14 Fall 1981 Cover photo: Portrait unveiling; The Story Behind The Portrait - Floyd Watson; photo: Gaylord Carter and VF
15 Spring 1982 Cover photo: Line drawing of VF by Burt Silverman; photo: Cochereau and VF; photo: Thalben-Ball and VF; photo: Cap & gown
16 Fall 1982 Cover photo: Clipping bushes; A Sentimental Trip Through Princeton - Mark Adams; article (part 4) from Contemporary Keyboard March 1979; Crystal Cathedral Organ; Memorial Fund letter
17 Spring 1983 Cover photo: Fox Plaque Dedicated; An organ lesson with VF - Mike Stauch; Final Resting Place; The Oils of VF - Glenn King; photo: Mama, friend and VF at Hammond Castle
18 Fall 1983 Cover photo: Tightrope; photo: Home organ photo; photo: House VF was born in; The Master Classes; photo Lisa Vogelman, (Æolian-Skinner); photo: Joseph Whiteford (Æolian-Skinner); photo: Hebble and VF
19 Spring 1984 Cover photo: Closeup profile; photo: Plaid jacket(?!?) holding organ pipe; Reflection - Mike Stauch; photo: Sgt. Fox at piano; photo: Sgt. Fox at West Point organ; photo: Home organ with Mama and Aunt Etna;
20 Fall 1984 Cover photo: Tureck and VF; photo: Bathing suit; photo: Cardinal (Wisconsin) and VF; Fox In concert - John O’Hara; photo: Tails (full length); photo: Teenager leaning on car; photo: White dinner jacket
21 Spring 1985 Cover photo: Tureck, Bach, and VF; Reflections - Mark Adams; photo: Aunt Etna and VF; Black Beauty Finds Home; photo: Young VF at organ; photo: Virgil’s 1950 NJ driver’s license; photo: Japan
22 Fall 1985 Cover photo: Tureck and VF; Recollection - Robert Hebble; Remembering Virgil - Arnold Ostlund; photo: Riverside
23 Spring 1986 Cover photo: White dinner jacket; Mark Adams obit; Carlo Curly schedule (w\ photos); Ethel Smith in Palm Beach (w\ photos); Recollection - Ken Starr; VF Possessions Retrieved - Marilyn Brennan; photo: Eifel Tower
24 Fall 1986 Cover photo: Smith, Ethel and VF; Come, Sweet Life - Charles Swisher; Premiere Performance of Symphony of Light (Hebble); photo: Black Beauty (VF)
25 Spring 1987 Cover photo: Ormandy, Eugene and VF; Etude magazine article (1952); Riverside Anniversary concert program; Salute to Fox and Bufano at Riverside; photo: Wurlitzer (Wichita) - Full page; photo: Paisley jacket
26 Fall 1987 Cover photo: Cavett and VF; A Sentimental Trip to Princeton - Carolyn Ramsdal; April in Paris with Robert Hebble; photo: Cape (at organ with 2 people)
27 Spring 1988 Cover photo: Young boy; A Personal Glimpse - Richard Morris; photo: Japan (NHK Hall)
28 Fall 1988 Cover photo: Sketch of VF; Hammond Castle; Harvard Organ dedication; The Digital Fox; Wanamaker CD story; photo: Kitchen - standing over stove
29 Spring 1989 Cover photo: Line drawing of VF; A House That’s Alive With His Joy Of Music - Ellen Jacobson; For The Joy of Music (part of article from the book) - Ulla Colgrass; Monument Correction; Phantom of the Department Store; Tenth anniversary tributes; Wanamaker CD Remastered; photo: Flowers at grave
30 Fall 1989 Cover photo: Sacred Heart Cathedral (Newark); Cemetery Monument Corrected; Englewood Revisited; To Honor The King Of Organists - Rae Chin; Harvard organ (bought & sold by VF) at Bakersfield, CA; James Lawson retires; photo: 1990 Memorial plans
31 Spring 1990 Cover photo: Young VF in Switzerland (1952); Letter and photos from VF; Fox Scores and Arrangements - David Fiebiger; High Fidelity (1969)
32 Fall 1990 Cover photo: VF; 1990 memorial concerts; In memory of VF (4 pages) - Fred Swann; photo: VF at piano
33 Spring 1991 Cover photo: Garden; photo: 8th grade graduation class - 1926 (poor Xerox); Fox Effects Acquired; Louise Natale Stricken; Princeton Remembers; VF Remembered (Canton AGO); Warren Fox (brother) passes; photo: Hammond Museum
34 Fall 1991 Cover photo: Family photo (VF about 3); The Curtis Organ - Ray Biswanger; A Memoir - John Bullard; Christmas Album on CD; My Trip to Mecca - Martin Davenport; Fred Swann’s Crystal Cathedral Memorial Concert - Bruce Tennant; photo: Legend to cover
35 Spring 1992 Cover photo: Young Virgil; Alec Wyton reflections; Dan Cronenwett Tribute (KBYU-FM); Fox Facts (1st); photo: Black Beauty ad
36 Spring 1993 Cover photo: Riverside console; 1992 Memorial Concert (program and review); Louise Natale obituary; A Remembrance of Louise - Steven Frank; A Tidbit - Steven Frank; Compact Disc listing - David Fiebiger; photo: Steven Frank & Louise Natale
37 Fall 1993 Cover photo: Portrait by Bruno of Hollywood; Friends of Wanamaker Organ info; My Credo - Virgil Fox; Spreckels organ article; photo: Spreckels Organ (San Diego)
38 Jan 1994 Cover photo: Carnegie Hall; Fox Horn introduced; Fred Jones letter; Review - The Fox Touch - Fred Tulan; photo: Hammond Castle
39 April 1994 Cover photo: Profile of Virgil at Sacred Heart Cathedral; Announcement - Carlo Curley at Methuen; Announcement - Marsha Long in San Francisco; Index of past Clarion issues; Fox in the Last 4 Organ Recitals - Harold Schonberg; An Artist with the Right Touch - Phillip Truckenbrod; Sample of new Discography; Spreckels Organ Festival schedule; St. Ann & Holy Trinity schedule; photo: Overhead of Virgil at Sacred Heart Cathedral
40 July 1994 Cover photo: Virgil seated at Black Beauty with cape; Anthony Bufano obituary; Nelson Buechner obituary; Bach Furor Stirred By Princetonian Fox - Mary Campbell (1968); More articles about Bufano, Buechner, St. Ann and the Holy Trinity; Fox Plays Sophisticated New Organ - Harold Schonberg (1974); photo: Older Fox signing autograph for young couple; photo: Virgil’s letter to a Master Class; photo: Virgil greeting Evelyn Graham - his high school Latin teacher
41 Oct 1994 Cover photo: Virgil in fur cap; photo: 1952 popularity poll; Bufano memorial letter from Melissa Geiger at Riverside Church; Fox Facts; Ken Starr program at Methuen; The Art of Virgil Fox cd released, Virgil Fox Christmas Favorites cd released; photo: Virgil seated at table signing autograph
42-43 Jan-Apr 1995 Cover photo: Virgil at 3-manual Austin; photo: Fax from Richard Torrence; Fifteenth Anniversary Is Approaching - Paul Stephen; Mystery Organist - David-Hyde Pierce - Paul Stephen; photo: Virgil at Our Lady of Grace; photo: Virgil at Wichita Wurlitzer; photo: Virgil with George Thalben-Ball and unknown man
44 Oct-Nov 1995 Cover photo: Virgil at Rockefeller Center; Excerpt from Cruising Speed - William F. Buckley, Jr.; VF at Bloomington - from Diapason (1936); VF at Kimball Hall - from Chicago Herald (1937); photos: Telegrams from Biggs and Landowska, Virgil Fox check & postcard from E. Power Biggs; photo: Virgil in room at top of stairs
45 Apr-May 1996 Cover photo: Virgil at a Hammond; AGO Conventions - Stephen Pinel - reprint from AGO; Announcement of Robert Hebble’s By Arrangement Only; Jeff Binder Pays Tribute; John Pfeiffer (RCA executive) obituary; The Art of Virgil Fox vol. 2 announcement; Worldwide Membership; photo: Young Virgil in France, young Virgil posed sitting, young Virgil with parents, Virgil at table surrounded by fans
46 Sep-Oct 1996 Cover photo: Full shot of Virgil at his new Allen organ; Announcement - Memorial concert - Steven Frank; Announcement - Organ Quartet; Ethel Smith Reminiscence - Dennis James; Ken Star’s European Tour; Roberta Bailey obituary; Silent Stars - Myles Tronic (review of Peter Krasinski); photo: Virgil, Anthony Coretta, David Snyder at Riverside; photo: Close-up profile of Virgil at his new Allen organ
47 July 1997 Cover photo: Virgil at Philharmonic Hall, NYC; photo: Bailey Wedding programs; One Fortuitous Day - MB about the items from Canada; Remembrances of Hugh Price - Herman Van Eck; Roberta Johnson - Ken Starr; various console photos; photo: Virgil with Ed Sullivan
48 Nov 1998 Cover photo: Virgil in deep thought - A Master Class Remembrance - George Murphy - Information on Carlo’s book - photo: Master Class Certificate - Review: Memorial Concert by Carlo Curley - photo: Steven Frank, Marilyn Brennan, Carlo, Dorothy, Doug Hunt
49 Aug 1999 Cover photo: Overhead view of Virgil at home organ. Information on the new Wanamaker organ book - Recordings for sale - Ted Alan Worth obituary - by Richard Torrence - photo: Ted Alan Worth, Virgil, and Richard Torrence
50 July 2000 Cover photo: Virgil portrait w/fancy shirt. 2000 Memorial concert announcements. Reflections On A Prince - Ted Alan Worth by Robert Hebble. Recording Virgil Fox (from his upcoming book) by Richard Torrence. Photo: Riverside Concert Poster Photo:Hector Olivera Back cover photo: Virgil and others at airport circa 1950s.

Issue 1
November 1, 1977