10/27/12 xx Virgil Fox Memorial Concert - Wanamaker Organ
5/20/12 xx Virgil Fox 100th Birthday Celebration Concert
St. Pancras Church - Glendale, NY
10/10/10 xx

Virgil Fox Memorial Concert
St. Pancras Church - Glendale, NY

02/14/02 Virgil Fox Festival 2002 Weekend Press Release
01/25/02 AGO acknowledges the Virgil Fox Society's inception of the Virgil Fox Scholarship, a permanently endowed gift.
10/12/01 Review and Pictures of the 21st Virgil Fox Memorial Recital on the Wanamaker Organ by Rich Blacklock
09/30/01 The American Organist reviews "Virgil Fox (The Dish)"
05/03/01 Tickets now on sale for the October 7, 2001 Memorial Concert on the Wanamaker Organ

Concert Press Release
03/29/01 Updated the Virgil Fox Chronology
03/29/01 Added Chapter 70 of the new Virgil Fox Book in Adobe Acrobat Reader Format
03/11/01 Plans are underway for the Virgil Fox 21st Memorial Recital on the Wanamaker Organ, October 7, 2001. Stay tuned for details!
01/01/01 Book to be published about Virgil Fox.
12/28/00 Membership available through credit card.
12/19/00 Send a Virgil Fox Greeting Card!
12/02/00 The Clarion "Collector's Edition" available.
11/17/00 Virgil Fox Memorial CD Released
11/01/00 Added MP3 files from the new CD
10/22/00 Article in the New York Times
10/12/00 Review of the Virgil Fox Memorial Recital by Marshall Yaeger
10/08/00 Virgil's cape and shoes on display at the recital

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